We will accept clothing in laundry baskets, totes, boxes or reusable bags. Garbage bags will not be accepted.


Kids clothes can be a money pit!

That’s why wee always have new or gently used clothes for every season and every budget!

Our boys and girls clothing range from formal dresses, school clothes, and play clothes, to new and used shoes, or even dance shoes and cleats for all sports seasons.

If your wee one can wear it, wee probably have it.


When your kids grow faster than your paycheck, turn their clothes into cash!

Wee buy everyday wee are open, wee always close the buying counter one hour before we close the store.

Wee ask that you bring your clothing in freshly laundered and in a box, tote, or a laundry basket. Wee then will go through your items and take the items we are interested in and put them in to one of our baskets. Once wee do that, wee can count it up and give you a quote.

Wee offer cash or store credit, store credit is always more and never expires.

While you’re here, you can check out our selection and pick up something that fits your wee one even better!

Wee Boys

Wee Girls

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